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Turquoise Silver Pendent

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The finest Turquoise in the World is Persian Turquoise.
These stones come from the oldest working mine in the World which has been documented to be owned by Isaac the son of Abraham.
Persian Turquoise is dense, and will polish finely.  Of course for people looking for stones with healing properties these are lovely pieces precisely because they are 100% natural not chemically treated and will not need to be waxed. The most popular and famous stone in the world, turquoise is a symbol of generosity, sincerity and affection.  It is thought to preserve friendship and make friends of enemies. If you receive a piece of turquoise as a gift, it is considered good luck.

One of the oldest gemstones known in history, Turquoise had the honor of being part of the famous Breastplate of the Hebrew High Priest Aaron, an artifact synonymous with the glory and the mystique of the Holy Grail. Highly considered by Tibetans and Asians as a powerful stone to protect against evil, Turquoise was also thought to bring prosperity into the wearer’s life. As a birthstone for December, which carries the zodiac sign Sagittarius, how interesting that Roman and ancient European cultures linked turquoise with horses; Turquoise supposedly would protect the wearer from falling from horses, and arrows tipped with turquoise would always hit their mark.

Did you know that no English gentleman of the 17th century was regarded as well dressed or well adorned unless he wore jewelry of turquoise? This stone was so highly valued that all 79 of the emeralds in the crown that Napoleon I gave his consort Empress Marie Louise was replaced with Persian Turquoise cabochons.

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